Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tag It!!

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like Delicious or if it would be something that I would really use.  The Delicious tutorial  was helpful to understand Delicious and gave me some ideas on how to maximize my use of the site.  I started out saving some articles I liked, using it to then see who else liked them and what links they had.  By doing that I was able to start to follow some accounts that had multiple links I liked.  As I began accumulating more links, I started to categorize the topics of interests in stacks.  This is the biggest pull of delicious for me.  Coming across information daily that I want to save, I know I don’t always have best system for saving articles and websites I like.  Additionally, if I’m finding information at different computers I can’t always save it on the computer so I often print things off, which don’t always get organized efficiently, or save them in email.  Delicious can now allow me to have favorite articles and sites in one place and managed.  Creating the stacks gave me multiple ideas on how I could best utilize the Delicious site for my personal use and others.  I am constantly sharing websites and articles with my colleagues but usually that is done through email.  Creating Delicious accounts would allow all of us to save our favorites and to  organize them appropriately.  That then allows us to access the information when we need it.  So often I come across a site that would be useful, but I don’t need it at that moment.  By organizing information in the stacks, I will be able to easily access that information when I have the need for it. 

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  1. I liked how your were able to describe the benefits of Delicious. As a laptop pack mule, I don't often come across the issue of trying to manage my files and websites. If I have to, I will typically save these things to a flash drive.
    After reading your post though, I was interested to learn that this could be a useful tool for you and your co-workers. I suppose a good deal of technology adoptions depend on lifestyle and individual needs. Perhaps I will give Delicious another try.