Saturday, November 5, 2011


Zotero was easier to learn how to use than I anticipated, mostly due to the tutorials posted on the site.  I was completely impressed with everything that Zotero is capable of.  It can even cite and create a bibliography!  I was doubtful if it would easily do everything it claimed…I thought there was going to be a roadblock that I would never master, but there wasn’t (knock on wood).  My library,, is basic but I just wanted to test the different types of documents I could store to get familiar with the site.  I went to Amazon and picked a book I want to read and was pleasantly surprised to see that the book tag showed up in my address box for me to click.  Likewise, when I tested Zotero at the New York Times website and with electronic journals from UB libraries.  I did run into some problems with articles through Wilson Web.  I would get a known translator issue and haven’t figured out how to troubleshoot that, but it seems minor compared to everything else Zotero is capable of.  I practiced using it in a word document to cite and that went smoothly as well.  Overall, I am pleased with what I’ve experienced on the site so far.  I think it will help immensely with the storing and organizing of research documents that I had previously stored on flash drives.  I plan to strictly use this site for research and academics and keep other sites like Delicious for articles of interest. 

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