Monday, October 24, 2011

RSS feeds

I quickly went from ignorance to infatuation with RSS readers once I began to use them.  As someone who feels a sense of security having everything in one place, I love that RSS feeders do exactly that.  All my favorite sites and news can be accessed in one convenient location.  Even better, everything is archived so if I don’t read it today I know it will be easy to find tomorrow.  After getting over the few bumps in the road as I navigated readers and the feeds, I quickly subscribed to numerous feeds filling up my reader.  Mainly, I went to my favorite sites and blogs I was interested in and subscribed to their RSS feed.  Now I actually know what that orange square stands for and don’t have to subscribe via email for all their latest news.  RSS feeders offer simplicity; everything is in one place and you can get the headlines and latest news without a lot of extra.  This may not appeal to everyone but it is ideal for me.  I often stay away from certain sites because they appear too busy and I don’t want to be bombarded or distracted with nonsense information.  Other times, it’s just difficult to remember every site I’m interested in and want to check daily. It is worrisome as to how this new virtual toy will affect my daily productivity as I see that I can get distracted for hours reading all the information on my reader and/or just searching for new feeds to add to it, but overall the benefits seem to outweigh the cons.

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