Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seven and a Half Habits of Learning

As a former student of Adult Education, I am not new to term a lifelong learner that was used in the tutorial.  I particularly liked the part where it talked about successful lifelong learners and their beliefs that attitude was everything and that statements begin with “I will…,”  “I can…,” and “I do…”  I completely agree with this, and as important to lifelong learner it is it is also pertinent to all aspects of life.  Another aspect of the video that I think is worth mentioning is that it recognized that it’s never too soon or too late for learning.  I’ve always tried to follow this guiding rule and not let the fact that even if I’m coming into something later or more inexperienced than my counterparts prevent me from trying.  Likewise, as this slide acknowledged, learning can occur in many different environments; formal, informal, and non-formal.  Often, it’s the learning that transpires in an informal setting that allows for the most growth.  You just have to be open to it and be willing to reflect on the situation or experience at hand to truly benefit from the learning experience. 
As for the 7 ½ habits, the one that is most meaningful to me is number three, “view problems as challenges”.  I think this is an important habit in learning and life.  Problems are inevitable and it’s what we do with them or don’t do that shapes us as a person.  Working through problems in an academic or personal setting allows for growth in your character and increased knowledge.
One of the things I took away from the learning contract portion of the tutorial is to take an honest assessment of any obstacles that may impact your learning.  Being an adult with multiple responsibilities, I think this is of utmost importance so I can prepare myself for any hindrances before they may arise.  I can also modify my life somewhat throughout my learning venture to minimize the foreseeable obstacles as much as possible

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