Thursday, September 29, 2011

All Ears

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring podcasts as a Learning 2.0 activity.  Embarrassing my generation, I have to admit that I’ve never used podcasts before.  I’ve been aware of them for years now and thought maybe I was missing out, but never listened to one.  I think I stayed away from them for fear it would be another entertainment/technology time-waster that I didn’t need and/or that they would take longer to download than my patience would be able to handle.  Plus, I figured anything they offered I could find in another form; magazine, paper, radio, television, newspaper, etc.  I was completely premature with that assumption.  The same is offered, but now I can access NPR news/ book reviews and New York Times book reviews that I would usually read online with so much more added to them.  Instead of just having a book review, the author might on discussing the themes in his/her book and telling of their real-life inspiration.  Podcasts will also give me the opportunity to explore topics that don’t appeal to me enough to read about but I would be open to listening about them.  As someone with many interests, I love that there’s a podcast for every topic and cannot wait to explore iTunes U fully!  Already, the topics in my podcast library range from book reviews, news shows, Zen/Buddhism, real food, advice, comedy, and so on.  I’ve even realized that some websites that I wish I had time to check out more regularly have podcasts which will make it so much easier for me to stay current.  My favorite podcast so far is TEDTalks.  Contrary to my previous beliefs, podcasts actually are not a time-waster but a time-saver.  Once they’re synced to my iPod, I’m able to listen to the news, book review, latest TED talk, etc. at my convenience while doing another activity such as driving or working out.  To my greatest pleasure though, they download quite fast.

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